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VOOPOO PNP Replacement Coils

VOOPOO PNP Replacement Coils

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VOOPOO PnP Replacement Coils Overview

The VOOPOO PnP Replacement Coils are versatile coil atomizer heads designed for compatibility with various VOOPOO vape devices, offering a range of configurations to suit different vaping preferences from direct lung (DL) to mouth-to-lung (MTL) styles. These coils are engineered with organic cotton wicking material for enhanced flavor delivery and efficient e-liquid absorption.


These coils are compatible with several VOOPOO devices, including:

  • VOOPOO Drag Baby Trio Kit
  • VOOPOO Vinci Pod System

VOOPOO PnP Replacement Coils Features:

  • 0.3ohm PnP-VM4 Mesh Coil - Rated for 20-28W (Half DL)
  • 0.3ohm PnP-VM1 Mesh Coil - Rated for 32-40W (DL)
  • 0.2ohm PnP-VM5 Mesh Coil - Rated for 40-60W (DL)
  • 0.45ohm PnP-M1 Single Coil - Rated for 28-35W (DL)
  • 0.6ohm PnP-M2 Single Coil - Rated for 20-28W (DL)
  • 0.8ohm PnP-R1 Dual Coil - Rated for 12-18W (MTL)
  • 1.2ohm PnP-C1 Ceramic Coil - Rated for 10-15W (MTL)
  • 0.8ohm PnP-TM2 Coil - Rated for 12-18W (MTL)
  • 1.2ohm PnP-TR1 Coil - Rated for 10-15W (MTL)


  • Plug 'n' Play Coil Installation - Easy installation without the need for tools.
  • Organic Cotton Wicking Material - Ensures clean flavor and efficient wicking of e-liquids.

Price and Availability:

  • Single Coil Price: 900 PKR

Usage Tips:

Ensure to prime each coil thoroughly with e-liquid before use to prevent dry hits and extend coil life. Different coils are tailored for different wattage ranges and vaping styles, so selecting the appropriate coil based on your preference is crucial for an optimal vaping experience.

Safety Considerations:

  • Always handle and store batteries and coils safely, following manufacturer guidelines.
  • Ensure compatibility with your device and observe recommended wattage ranges to prevent damage.
  • Do not use coils if there are visible signs of damage or wear.

The VOOPOO PnP Replacement Coils offer a wide range of options to cater to both beginners and experienced vapers, providing flexibility and excellent performance across various vaping styles

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