Quit Smoking

You may wonder how to quit smoking. Smoking is not good for you, and it can be harmful for your body. You may wonder the best way to quit smoking, both naturally and in other ways.  We’ll discuss what can happen if you continue to smoke, and also what quitting smoking can do for you immensely.

Quitting smoking is a big decision, one that impacts the body and mind on different levels. But smoking cigarettes is far worse than quitting period, and it can have many adverse effects too. Here, we’ll go; over how you can do it, and safer alternatives to smoking.

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Cigarette smoking Effects

According to the CDC, smoking cigarettes increases your risk of dying from pretty much any cause. So not only does tobacco use cause potential death, but you can die from other health effects of this.

Cigarette smoke also affects many of your bodily systems, including your respiratory system, the circulatory system, your skin, your eyes, your teeth, and even your reproductive system.

One of the biggest areas this targets is of course your lungs.  That’s because you’re literally breathing this in, and you’re not just breathing in the addictive chemical nicotine, but other chemicals.

They’re responsible for most lung cancers, and in men, it’s actually going to make you 25 more times likely to get it, and for women, almost 26 times.

Almost all deaths from lung cancer come from smoking, and it can cause you to develop not just lung cancer, but also emphysema, and can also cause chronic anxiety and bronchitis too.

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Your heart is another place that’s affected by this. Due to all of the chemicals in cigarettes, it increases your risk of plaque buildup, which can cause heart attacks, stroke, and also increases the risk of what’s called peripheral artery disease, which is when the arteries start to narrow, again putting you at risk for heart disease and stroke. You may also develop blood clots and angina too!

It also can affect your reproductive system, and your fertility. Many problems with children who are born, especially those with a low birth weight, can be attributed to cigarettes.

But it isn’t just the major killers either that this can create. You’re also putting yourself at almost 40% more of a risk of getting type 2 diabetes than those who don’t have it, and if you already have diabetes, it can cause trouble with managing conditions.

Your immune system also is affected.  First and foremost, it weakens it, so if you get sick, it’s much harder to fight off the invaders in the body. But also, it causes inflammation in the body too. This triggers the inflammatory response, and puts you at risk for inflammatory diseases and conditions.

Then there’s your teeth. Cigarette smoke affects this, and it can cause your risk for periodontitis and gum disease to; increase by twofold.  You may end up losing your teeth, and causing permanent damage. And it also causes a much higher risk for oral cancer as well.

But it’s also just not good. Cigarettes are incredibly expensive, and in many cases, people who smoke cigarettes end up staining their teeth, their clothes, and they end up reeking of cigarettes, which can affect how other people view you.

In essence, smoking is really bad for you, and it can actually kill you. If you’re not done in by cigarettes, the effects of them will ultimately get you.

So what’s the solution in this case? Quitting smoking of course!

Quit Smoking

Is Vaping an Alternative?

While you may want to know more about how to quit smoking naturally, there is of course, the idea of vaping being an alternative.

The answer is yes, vaping is an alternative. It is safer than smoking cigarettes. Studies done in UK show that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarette.

For starters, there are far less chemicals, and for the most part, you’re really just inhaling the nicotine, so it helps manage cravings for cigarettes period. And plus, you’ll notice vape juice tastes a lot better than smoking.

It gives you something to do with your hands, and it’s something that should be encouraged if you want to have the nicotine around, but also want to quit smoking cigarettes.

There are some chemicals in there, and so long as you’re getting real vape products and not some black-market things, they’re much safer. Black market vaping devices are what’s responsible.

A lot of times, the main chemical that is in there is the E-acetate, so you should make sure that you don’t get anything with that. All the top vaping eliquids manufactured under strict regulations do not contain E-acetate or other chemicals that may be in no name cheap eliquids. For the same reason Vapemall.pk only carries world class ejuices with reputable eliquid brands made under strict quality controls.

Vaping however is really just a good way to get off the path of smoking.  Again, this contains nicotine, which is addictive. You need to target the addiction to nicotine as well. The thing with vaping though, is that there are different strengths of nicotine. So of course, you can get something heavier in the start, and then down the line, go with a smaller doze of nicotine.

Until finally, you can get one with no nicotine in it.  Nicotine isn’t good for you, because it does raise your blood pressure and causes adrenaline spikes, which can increase your chances of a heart attack.

So it’s safe to say that you should replace smoking with this, vaping is an alternative to helping you quit cigarettes. When you feel that need to have one, vaping can be a great thing for you to do.  But again, over time it’s highly recommended for you to slowly decrease the amount.

The beauty of vaping is this: over time you can get it without the nicotine, which of course isn’t necessarily bad for you at that point.  You can then have the vape juice, and then, you can slowly quit. It’s a good way for you to really take this into your hands.

If you’re going to use them to help quit, it’s recommended that you get a vaping device that doesn’t have high voltage.  Higher voltages mean a bigger hit of nicotine.  You should get one with a set voltage that isn’t too high, so you of course don’t fall into the trap of just using nicotine as a crutch.

One very reputable brand that has helped hundreds of thousands of smokers quit smoking and move to a healthier alternative of vaping is RELX.  It is a closed POD system that has a set nicotine in it and comes in different flavors and two nicotine levels. It is perfect for any smoker to switch to vaping and help them quit those cancer sticks.

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In one sentence should you switch to vaping if you can from cigarettes. Then the answer to that is a big YES absolutely. This would be the biggest thing you can do towards your health if not quit completely quitting smoking.

Quitting Smoking Benefits

Well besides the obvious it’s cutting an addiction and putting you over control, it actually has a lot of benefits. You may wonder how to quit smoking cigarettes, but you also may wonder what happens when you quit smoking.

In this, we’ll talk about the quit smoking effects that happen right away, and the quit smoking timeline as well.

20 minutes after quit smoking, you will have immediate drops in your heart rate and your blood pressure. Cigarettes cause rapid heart rate and your blood pressure to skyrocket.

A few days after you do so, your CO levels will drop to normal. Carbon monoxide of course, can kill you, so you’re getting rid of a killer.

A couple weeks after smoking improves your lungs, and your circulation will get better too, reducing your risk for heart disease.

Then, up to 12 months after quitting smoking, your shortness of breath and coughing begin to disease. The cilia in your lungs move the mucus that’s built up there thanks to the cigarettes, and you’ll be able to have normal lungs once again.

Two years after quitting, you reduce the risk of heart attacks by a lot.

Then, up to about 10 years after quitting, your risk of mouth, larynx, and throat cancer gets halved, and your stroke risk decreases as well.

10 years after quitting, your risk is about half of a person who is still smoking, and you also are at much less risk of getting bladder, kidney, and esophageal cancer.

Finally, 15 years after quitting, your risk for heart disease is at the level of a nonsmoker.

So as you can see, you can almost regain fully your bodily functions of your heart, lungs, and other places over time as you quit. There are immediate benefits of quitting, but there are also long-term benefits.

So it can reduce your risk of cancers over time, especially throat, but also of course, you will lower your risk of cervix, rectum, and also acute myeloid leukemia, another rarer blood cancer.

Of course, it helps dilate the blood vessels, so they work better and reduces the risk of diabetes.

It can also put about 10 years on your life too, compared to if you smoke.  It also can help reduce a lot of health risks that are there.  Did you know that if you quit before you’re 40 it can reduce the risk of dying from smoking by up to 90%?! So yes, if you’re trying to quit, quitting early is important.

In all seriousness, you can get YEARS back on your life by doing this. You may be older and struggling but quitting now will definitely improve your ability to really get a handle on this.

And you will also notice other benefits too, such as the following:

  • Food is tastier
  • Smell begins to go back to normal
  • You smell better
  • You won’t have yellowed teeth and fingernails
  • You can do more activities without running out of breath
  • It can help you form better habits

It really is good to stop, and you can also notice your skin look healthier, and may reduce the risk for premature wrinkling as well.

There are about 600 different ingredients in a cigarette, and when you burn them more than 700 chemicals are in that! And the sad thing is, there are 69 which are known to be toxic. 

So yes, you’re saving your life by doing this, and it can be so much healthier too.

How to Quit Smoking

The first thing you need to understand that smoking is much harder to quit than other habits, because it’s both physical addiction, but also a habit you use psychologically, and when you smoke a cigarette, that’s going to give you a high that’s both temporary, and addictive.

Eliminating the nicotine fix is going to make you feel bad, and we’ll talk as well about the side effects of quitting smoking. But do understand that it isn’t very easy to do.

However, it is possible. You can change the habit, and while it is ritualistic for many people, or a way to take the edge off or sit with friends, it’s very harmful for you.

The idea behind quitting is to use natural ways to cope with quitting, and to do this easily, and safely.

First,. You Need to Make Sure That you Have a Plan

The best way to quit smoking is to make sure that you have a plan. A good plan helps you master making sure that you have safe and effective ways of making sure you’re ready to meet the challenges, and to make it easier for you too.

You want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of smoker are you, whether a pack a day or whatnot
  • If there are activities that associate with smoking
  • Do you use smoking as a means to cope, or when you’re feeling down or stressed

Ask yourself these before you continue

Start with a START Plan

If you’re wondering how to quit smoking easily, you need a START plan.

This is an acronym that means the following:

  • S: Set a quit date to start with
  • T: Tell your family and friends that you’re quitting, so you have encouragement, and they hold you accountable
  • A: Anticipate the challenges for you to face while you quit, and make sure you prepare ahead, especially for nicotine and cigarette cravings
  • R: Remove cigarettes and all other tobacco products from your car before you begin
  • T: Talk to your doctor before you quit

That way, when you set up, you have everything in place, so you’re able to face it easily, and effectively.

Identify your triggers

You should know what your triggers are that make you reach for one of these.

You may also want to identify the cravings as well, in the form of a craving journal. This helps you develop an idea of the patterns, which can help you with quitting smoking too.

In this, you may want to note the following:

  • The time
  • How intense the craving was
  • What you did
  • Who the people were around you
  • The feeling you have
  • How you felt afterwards

This is good for you to look at, so you can identify and recognize the signs, and of course, what causes you to feel this way.

Replace with Another Habit

This is a hard one, because you start to feel like you’re losing the high. But, you can replace the need to smoke with another thing that makes you feel good.

Some people replace it with food. I don’t necessarily think that’s a good idea, but something which can give you a quick rush may be a good idea. Or whenever you find yourself reaching for it, take a moment to become mindful of your surroundings, and make sure that you watch out for this.

Tips for Quitting Smoking

While we’ve talked about the quit smoking benefits, and the best way to quit smoking, let’s talk about the quit smoking tips, and the best way to really get ahold of them.

First, avoid your triggers. There are certain common triggers that go along with this, and they include:

  • Alcohol, especially if you smoke when you drink
  • Other smokers, especially those who like to involve you in conversations
  • Ending of meals, since it can be something a lot of people do when they finish

The best way to avoid these is to find something else that you can do. For example, if you’re out drinking, maybe try snacking on something, or suck on the draw.

If you’re around other smokers as well, it may be good as well to find those who want to do something that isn’t smoking and hang out with them.

You can also chew gum to help with this too.

Speaking of gum, sometimes chewing gum is a good thing. Some previous smokers would use nicotine gun to help cope with this. While it still gives you the addiction to nicotine, it may be a good idea, especially if you’re struggling to quit. That way, you get that nicotine fix, since it can help you feel better, and really make it simple.

Start distracting yourself. One of the best quit smoking tips you can use is to distract yourself from this.  That means, do things that gets you out of needing to smoke cigarettes, such as call someone, perhaps the person who holds you accountable, or do the dishes or a hobby. Begin to engage in that when you feel like you want to light up.

Frequently remind yourself why you quit in the first place.  You may notice the quit smoking effects already, and you may want to continue with this, and it’s totally possible. Focus on the health benefits after quit smoking, and know that it can be a good thing for you to; do;.

Make sure that you don’t subject yourself to tempting situations either that will make you want to light up.

And finally, every time you go a certain milestone without smoking, REWARD YOURSELF. We are simple creatures, bound by the rewards that we have, so make sure that you give yourself little rewards for the small victories that you have, and this will keep you motivated. Of course, don’t make the reward a cigarette, because that defeats the purpose.

Here is a list of other things you can do to cope with cravings especially:

  • Start getting oral substitutes such as mints and celery sticks, or even gum, or suck on straws
  • Keep your mind busy with music, a puzzle, or even games
  • Keep your hands busy by squeezing items, such as a stress ball for stimulation
  • Brush your teeth when you get cravings
  • Drink water slowly, since it will help hydrate your lips and help the cravings pass
  • Light a candle or incense whenever you get the urge
  • Go for a walk or do some exercises
  • Do breathing meditation or relax
  • Go somewhere where smoking isn’t allowed, such as a mall or coffee shop

Quit Smoking Effects

There are some quit smoking side effects that do come around.  The problem with smoking is that it isn’t something easy to do, like it may be if you’re trying to figure out how to quit smoking weed.

But, the quit smoking side effects eventually do pass. These are much harder when you’re trying to; quit cold turkey, but you’ll experience all of them. Nicotine withdrawals are usually very quick to have happen, and they peak a few days later. The withdrawal symptoms either last a couple of days, or weeks on end, depending on how you are.

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Cravings
  • Frustration and anger
  • Issues with concentration
  • Eating more
  • Insomnia
  • Coughing
  • Anxiety and nervous habits
  • Feeling restless
  • Headaches
  • Tremors and shakes
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Constipation
  • Lessened heart rate

These tend to be quite powerful, and a bit painful. While they can suck, remember these are temporary fixes, and in a few weeks, they begin to mitigate as your body handles them better.

Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

There are some ways to quit smoking naturally.

You may wonder how to quit smoking naturally.

In general, the following can help with quitting smoking, although they do require a bit of effort on your part:

  • Acupuncture
  • Ginseng
  • Lobelia
  • John’s Wort
  • Hypnotherapy

With hypnotherapy and acupuncture, you can seek out hypnotists that work with this, and acupuncturists that can help with this as well.

There is also therapy to help with this. Sometimes talking to a counselor throughout your journey of quitting smoking is a wonderful idea, and may be a good alternative.


Quitting smoking is NOT easy.

In fact, it’s one of the hardest addictive substances to quit, and a lot of people struggle with quitting easily, and effectively. But the thing is, you can take the time to quit smoking effectively and easily.

It’s ultimately your choices, and how you want to improve your life, and there is a lot of benefits to be had with this too. A lot of times, people don’t realize the difference quitting smoking makes, but once you can make it, it’s more than possible as well.